Policy and Administration

  • Effective May 2017, all Brain Beat Dance Certified Instructors prior to May 2017 are automatically Advanced Level Certified Instructors on Brain Beat Dance;

  • All Certified Instructors are to pay their annual membership for 2018 ;
  • All Certified Instructors are to earn 10 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) within each calendar year in order to keep the Certified Instructor status. The 1st submission of CEUs Report will be Dec 31, 2018 and certified instructors can include eligible CEUs effective from May 2017 in this first Report as a bonus.
  • Only Certified Instructors who paid membership due can teach brain beat dance with prior official authorization from BBDCSA; otherwise BBDCSA will not recognize the class and reserve the right to make public clarification.
  • BBDCSA has to be fair to all members, no instructor can monopolize any organization that has multiple locations teaching brain beat dance. BBDCSA reserves the right to assign certified instructors.