CEU 持續教育

The requirement is meant to upkeep the standard of our Brian Beat Dance Certified Instructors.

The proposal was passed by the BBDCSA’s Board of Directors at its board meeting of March 19, 2017, included in the April 23, 2017 BBDCSA Annual General Meeting Notice Package, passed by BBDCSA members at the AGM.

All Certified Instructors are to pay annual membership and fulfill the Continuing Education Units requirement:

Brain Beat Dance Continuing Education/Participation Requirement to Maintain “Certified Instructor” Status

adopted by members with voting rights at the Annual General Meeting of April 23, 2017

What is required for Continuing Education and in what Timeframe?

  • Every Certified BBD Instructor is required to earn 10 CE points in the reporting period.
  • For new Certified BBD Instructors, their initial reporting period will be the balance of the year in which they received their Certified Instructor status, plus the following calendar year. For example, if a person became a Certified BBD instructor in May 2017, their initial reporting period, in which they must earn 10 points, will run until December 2018.
  • The 10 points will be based on hours in the following way:

A qualifying seminar/dance practice/function which runs for one hour will equal 1 point (30 minutes = 0.5 point).    Thus, a total of ten hours of continuing education/participation must be completed per year.

What qualified as acceptable continuing education / participation to earn points?

Note: points calculation is based on 1 CE point per hour (30 minutes = 0.5 CE point ) unless stated otherwise:

  • Teaching or Assisting teaching BBD at regular classes held in the name of BBDCSA within the reporting period i.e. with official letter to venue designated as BBDCSA’s representative as the Primary or Back-up instructors at the venue ( will automatically entitle to 5 points for the reporting period )
  • Attending the BBDCSA organized dance practice session, usually held monthly
  • Attending BBDCSA organized events with full attendance ( maximum of 3 points per function )
  • Attending BBDCSA organized outreaching BBD dance demo or performance ( minimum 1 point )
  • Attending the BBDCSA annual dance upgrade course
  • Attending the BBDCSA Annual General Meeting
  • Attending the BBDCSA instructors training session ( limited space available, subject to approval of the Board )
Exemptions: Master BBD instructors are exempt since they are the master trainers.


Certified Instructor has to sign-up attendance at each qualified event he/she attended and keep updating the Continuing Education/Participation Report and submit on or before the end of the year for membership renewal. Please click here to download the Continuing Education/Participation Report.