History 歷史

Brain Beat Dance Canada Seniors Association (BBDCSA) was founded by Ms. Rainbow Yuen from Germany. It was registered as a Not-For-Profit organization in 2006. Under the new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act passed in 2014, BBDCSA resubmitted its application in 2015 and successfully obtained Article of Continuance with anniversary date of July 29.

Many Years of Senior Dance in Germany

There have been many programs gear to help senior citizens to stay active and fit. Among these is a proven method developed by the Bundesverb and Seniorentanz e.V. (BVST = The German Federal Senior Dance Association) that incorporated dancing and music to do exercise, allowing the elderly to live a more healthy and happy live.

1st Time that Canadians Joining International Senior Dance Congress in 2007

At the 11th International Senior Dance Congress, which took place in Willingen-Germany, (the origins of this philosophy) in May 2007, about 200 top senior instructors from 14 countries, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy – South Tyrol, Brazil and Canada, came together to exchange their experiences in teaching dance to the elderly. That was the first time that Canada joined.

Brain Beat Dance & Ms. Rainbow Dill-Yuen

This way of dance was modified and named as Brain Beat Dance (BBD) by Ms. Rainbow Dill-Yuen from Germany to Canada in 2003.
Ms. Rainbow Yuen has been a senior instructor for Senior Dance in Germany, European historical dance chorographer, child creative dance theater teacher. Brain Beat Dance is for people of all ages, not just for seniors. The initiator, Rainbow Dill-Yuen, has lived in Germany for 35 years and has joined the senior dance program of BVST since 1990. She took the instructor training course from 1997–2002, and has acquired the instructor certificates and license. She has gained considerable experience from teaching many groups in different cities around Germany. She has also organized historical dance festivals for all age groups in various German cities.
Ms. Yuen is also a dance choreographer writing her own dance notations for dance and theatre groups, creating artistic programs and dance projects for people of all ages. She is a member of DaCI (Dance and Child International, a dance organization for children worldwide). As the director of art for the Life Design Institute in Germany, her specialty is in European historical dance such as ballet, baroque and folkdance. She was the former president of the Regenbogen Kultur Zentrum, a cultural centre.

Brain Beat Dance (BBD) in Canada

Ms. Yuen first introduced BBD to Toronto in January 2003, and provided instructor courses at the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care in Scarborough in December 2004. Since then, numerous classes have been organized within the Chinese communities. BBD instructors use special teaching methods to teach seniors to dance with music.