Request a Class 申辦開班

BBDCSA has many approved Brain Beat Dance® classes approved by BBDCSA in the community with certified instructors assigned by BBDCSA.  Brain Beat Dance® community classes in regular operation before July 2015 were grandfathered as officially approved as long as the class acknowledge BBDCSA as host or co-host.

Effective July 2015, BBDCSA requires organizations to submit application to BBDCSA for consideration of any proposed Brain Beat Dance® class or to teach/include Brain Beat Dance® in programs.  No brain beat dance class should commence or announced without prior approval from BBDCSA. This is our policy to be enforced and respected in order to uphold high standard, fairness and proper protocol.

We have new venues joining the list of BBDCSA approved classes while BBDCSA is glad to assign capable Certified Instructor with an assistant / backup to each approved site, if BBDCSA has the resource.

If your organization is interested in holding Brain Beat Dance® class, please feel free to contact our President, complete and submit the Request of Brain Beat Dance Class  application form by email to    Upon receipt of the Application with detailed information, we will work promptly on the request, pending on the nature, our available resource and fairness in assignment of Certified Instructors.

Click here to download the form for “Request of Brain Beat Dance® Class from BBDCSA”