Mission 宗旨

Our Mission:

  1. To raise the awareness of brain health;
  2. To promote Brain Beat Dance, beneficial to people of all ages in their brain health and physical fitness;
  3. To unite all brain beat dance trained instructors of all culture, all races and all over the world;
  4. To share information for the mutual benefit of the members;
  5. To contribute to development of more brain beat dances focusing on stimulation of brain cells , joy, body coordination with safe movement;
  6. To motivate members in enhancing their teaching approach, communication and organizational skills;
  7. To provide a forum for members to practice and demonstrate brain beat dance;
  8. To work with different communities and organizations in promoting brain health through brain beat dance;
  9. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the association;
  10. To work towards at having many trained certified or general instructors of all culture, all races and all over the world.


  1. 增加大眾認知大腦健康之重要
  2. 推廣腦保健舞對人, 不論年紀, 都在腦部記憶及身體也得益
  3. 聯系全球不同族裔的腦保健導師
  4. 讓會員互相有分享資訊經驗
  5. 編排更多腦保健舞為鍛練記憶力和專注力、增強身體之協調及四肢之靈活性
  6. 推動會員在教授時進修教授技巧、組識及溝通能力
  7. 設平臺給會員示範及練習 腦保健舞
  8. 與社區及其他團體一同推廣腦保健舞
  9. 致力一切符合邁進本學會宗旨的活動
  10. 致力增加更多腦保健舞文憑導師