After completion of each course, you will have 2 years’ duration to articulate to take field examination.


Approved by Board’s Resolution at August 21, 2017’s BBDCSA Board Meeting

Each Instructor-student will automatically become an Instructor-candidate ready for the next step: Articulating before taking and passing the BBDCSA Instructor Qualifying Examination in order to get the Certification of Instructor status.  The instructor-candidate has 2 years from the course completion date to pass the BBDCSA Instructor Qualifying Examination ( there is no limit of how many examinations he/she has to take in that duration ).

Instructor-candidate needs to articulate at a BBDCSA official BBD class of his/her choice as an assistant to learn and build up practical experience on brain beat dance teaching. For the most up-to-date list of these sites, please visit or contact 416-616-3885.

Instructor-candidate can book for the Qualifying Examination when he/she is ready to design a full class at the articulating class. The full class must include one(1) new brain beat dance in that class. A panel of three(3) Advanced Level Certified Instructor will be judges using the BBDCSA Instructors Examination Assessment Form (Click here to download). The passing mark is 70.

In case of not passing at a Qualifying Examination, the Instructor-candidate can continue articulating and get ready for more Qualifying Examination/s to pass within 2 years from the course completion date. Failure to get the pass within the 2 years, he/she has to pay and register again for the instructor training course.

完成導師課程後, 學生會自動成為準導師 而要經實習至考試合格後, 方可成為認可導師。

實習: 準導師可自行選擇參與 BBDCSA 所認可之腦保健舞蹈班去學習。請參閱網址 或致電 416-616-3885 查詢 BBDCSA 所認可之腦保健舞蹈班。準導師可以自行決定何時考試。

考試: 準導師要負責帶領該班一堂。除温習腦保健舞蹈外, 必須教授一隻是該班以前未教過的。評估組會有三位腦保健舞蹈高级認可導師, 跟據制訂之準則公平地作評估 , 70分起為及格。

課程完成日起之兩年內, 如果準導師仍未考試合格, 便要付費重新報名参加課程。

備註: 以英文版本為準。