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2008 Brain Beat Dance  Events in Germany

2008 Brain Beat Dance Instructor Course in Canada

2008-03-29 (Saturday)   BBD Instructors joining "Carefirst Foundation Gala"

2008-04-27 (Sunday)   Members' Meeting

2008-05-04 (Sunday)   Event for public - Love Your Brain, Test Your Brain, Beat Up Your Brain

July-August 2008 Hong Kong Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre < Brain Beat
Dance Instructors training course> Instructors : Ms. Rainbow Yuen, Mr.
Mrs. Tso Mansing
Participants : 20

August 2008 for Guideposts Kindergarten Teachers Instructors : Tso
Mansing, Beth Wong, Rainbow Yuen Participants : 60

Sept.- Dec. 2008 Sponsoring from Life Design Institute work together
with Under the Banyan Tree < Workshop with developmentally disabled>
Instructors : Mabel Chow, Lisa Lee, Rainbow Yuen Attendees : 6
(special arrangment)

November 22.08 Brain Beat Dance Dancing Party @ Yee Hong Evergreen
Manor Instructors : all Participants : 150

November 30.08 HKBUAAO Alumni Xmas New World Palace Restaurant
Instructors : Tso Maning, Beth Wong

December 2008 Promo at 松柏 Yee Hong
Instructors : Dick Chen , Judy Lum , Winnie Yeung
Participants : 50

December 2008 Christmas concert at Yee Hong Markham Instructors :
Alice Ng , Winnie Yeung Participants : 100 including performance by
BBD resident students

December 2008 Christmas concert at 孟嘗Mon Sheong long term care center
Instructors : Judy Lum, Winnie Yeung Participants : 100

December 2008 Christmas celebration party for caregivers at 松柏
Yee Hong
Instructors : Rainbow Yuen, Alice
Ng, Judy Lum, Winnie yeung
Participants : 40

December 5. 08 BBDCSA Christmas Celebration @ New World Palace
Instructors : all Participants : 30

December 9. 08 Brain Beat Dance Presentation @ Vaughn City Lights
Festival Instructors : Rainbow Yuen, Alice Ng, Mabel Chow, Judy Lum,
Luna Lui, Winnie Yeung Participants : 100 joining the Dance and few
hundreds visiting booth


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The first time in Hong Kong :
BBD Founder Rainbow Dill-Yuen, Mr. Mansing Tso & Beth Tso will give Instructor courses in Hong Kong summer 2008. More information coming soon!

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