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Brain Beat Dance Canada Senior Association (BBDCSA) is a not for profit organization registered under the Federal Government Act since 2006. Founder of BBDCSA is Ms. Rainbow Yuen.

In 2014, the new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act required all federal not-for-profit corporations to apply for transition ( Articles of Continuance ) by October 2014.

BBDCSA resubmitted application in July 2015 and successfully obtained Article of Continuance with annual anniversary date of July 29.

Mission of BBDCSA:

  1. to raise the awareness of brain health;
  2. to promote Brain Beat Dance, beneficial to people of all ages in their brain health and physical fitness;
  3. to unite all brain beat dance trained instructors of all culture, all races and all over the world;
  4. to share information for the mutual benefit of the members;
  5. to contribute to development of more brain beat dances focusing on stimulation of brain cells , joy, body coordination with safe movement;
  6. to motivate members in enhancing their teaching approach, communication and organizational skills;
  7. to provide a forum for members to practice and demonstrate brain beat dance;
  8. to work with different communities and organizations in promoting brain health through brain beat dance;
  9. to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the association;
  10. to work towards at having many trained certified or general instructors of all culture, all races and all over the world.


Fact Sheet of BBDCSA: Please Click here.

By-laws of BBDCSA : By-laws was approved by BBDCSA’s voting members on May 15,

2016. Please Click here to view the approved By-laws.


Brain Beat Dance is an ideal exercise program for all ages, adults, children, seniors, and

physically challenged persons.

Brain Beat Dance has three different styles:
1. Standing Dance
2. Sitting Dance
3. Singing Dance


BBD instructors training classes will be held twice a year in Spring and Fall in the Greater

Toronto Area.

We welcome new members and support.


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