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Brain Beat Dance is a form of dance specially designed with different choreography to the tunes of international music. A set of unified dance language in English and in mother tongue of the learner to guide them fall into learning procession of a dance. The method and technique that the instructors use to teach is relating with short term memory improvement.

Types of Brain Beat Dance


Standing Dance

For everyone


Sitting Dance

For the seniors and the challenged and also for children

Singing Dance

Dancing by singing without accompaniment


Social Activities

-interpersonal activities

-intergroup activities

-international activities

Life is influenced by a good or bad memory, the Brain Beat Dance can help person to bring back short term memory.

  • Child needs strong memory to learn
  • Adult need to have good memory to enhance in working efficiency
  • The senior need the memory to decline in preventing the old person dementia

Ms. Rainbow Yuan defended the model the dance, named as Brain Beat Dance and brought forward to Canada in 2003. She conducted the instructor course in Yee Hong Finch Center. Today, it stepped to the forth year. The budding grow rapidly and strongly. All instructors work very hard to perform and present the dance to society in Toronto. The instructors work together closely, and help each other to accomplish and vigorously the task.


Brain Beat Dance Instructor Course






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