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Events and Highlights
International Conference and the tour to Berlin for the Historical Festival
The International Conference starts on May 21-26. The trip to Germany is scheduled to commence for 10 days, from May 25 2007 to June 5 2007, the sightseeing places include the Rhein River ship tour, the Bier Castle and palace visit, Beethoven’s House, Black Forest – mineral spa, a greeting party from Auerbach Group and 3 days to join the Historical Festival in Berlin.

Brain Beat Dance Promotion/Events in 2007:-






Mario Racco MPP

Lunar New Year Celebration

Thornlea Secondary School


Southern York Region Wellness Association

Lunar New Year Celebration and Birthday Party

Dun Huang Chinese Cuisine


St. Paul L’Amoreaux Center

Taste of Brain Beat Dance – Seated

St. Paul L’Amoreaux Center


Yee Hong Macrobian Club

Brain Beat Dance Tea Party

Yee Hong Aw Chan Kam Chee Evergreen Manor halll


Southern York Region Wellness Association – photos in separate file #
Taste of Brain Beat Dance – Seated - photos in separate file #

2006 Promotion and Events

Taste of Brain Beat Dance – Seated

ST. Paul L’Amoreaux Center invited Mr. Tso Man Sing and Ms. Catherine Luk to present the Brain Beat Dance – Seated on 29 March 2007 afternoon. Some instructors: Ms. Mabel Chow, Ms. Stella Young, Ms. Lisa Chow and Ms. Ingrid Sin are also presented. Over 70 peoples joined the tea party including seniors and kid. The program is divided into two parts: English and Cantonese speaking. After a short brief history of Brain Beat Dance by our President, the program started with a story about a fish that became human and picked apples in an orchard. Then, it traveled to USA and learned the tip-top dance; it joined the tour to England Rose Garden. The fish wound up in Australia’s coral reef at the end. Cakes and teas are provided. The guests left with happiness. This will always remain in their memories forever.

2007 Trip at Germany

BBD group dancing in Germany April 29. 2007


At the 11th International Senior Dance Congress, which took place in Willingen-Germany in May 2007, about 290 top senior instructors from 14 countries, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg, Beligium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Itatly-Southern Tyrol, Brazil and Canada, came together to exchange their experiences in teaching dance to the elderly. ( we are feeling proud that Brain Beat Dance Canada Senior Association is new and it is their first time joining this world Congress)

all representives of 14 countries including Ms. Rainbow Dill-Yuen and Catherine Luk for Canada

Ms Rainbow Dill-Yuen Founder & Honorary President demotrated dance with dance expect from Germany and Holland


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