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Brain Beat Dance Instructor Training Course

Brain Beat Dance (BBD) is a new style of dance in this century. It started in Canada in 2003.
The Dance Forms are divided into Standing, Sitting & Singing Dances.

BBD uses a holistic approach to maintain physical and psychological health. Although the teaching
method and techniques are structured, the goal is to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere,
so that learners are learning fast, working and exercising constantly, but feel as though they are simply
dancing and having fun. To bring the movements of the whole dance they just leart and try to match the
tempo of the music withineach dance is an important aspect of BBD that stimulates the brain. Socializing is at
the heart of BBD, and along with the physical exercise, helps brain neurons to function better. The benefits of BBD include

better gross and fine motor co-ordination, as well as an improved memory. Please join our workshops to
find out more.

BBD WORKSHOPS are divided into 3 SESSIONS:

Session 1 : Professional dance knowledge, skill, and teaching technique for Standing Dances.
How brain beat dance relates to our human bone structure.

Session 2 : Promoting independence, stability, wellness, cooperation and contentment within
classes. Learning to teach Sitting and Singing Dances.

Session 3 : Advanced - Helping to form a positive social environment for everybody.
How to organize parties, events & activities (nationally and internationally).

Eligibility : For adults with teaching experience who would like to serve seniors or children.
For those who have dance experience
For those who want to help themselves and help others.






站立舞 2 天
(粵語 / 國語)

2016年 2 月 13 (星期六)  及
2016年 2 月 21 日 (星期日)

9 am – 5 pm.

10 am – 6 pm



坐座舞2 天
(粵語 / 國語)

2016年 3 月 19 日 (星期六)  及
2016年 3 月 26 日 (星期六)

9 am – 5 pm


  9 am – 5 pm




to be arranged Weekend




° Course fee includes handouts.
° Certificate will be issued upon completion
° For the Advanced course, the certificate will be issued after passing the examination

Trainers : BBD Canada Senior Association Trainer:
Ms. Lisa Lee for Session 1 ( phone no. for registration : 416 707 1338
Mr. Man Sing Tso for Session 2 (phone no. for registration : 416 616 3919
Ms. Rainbow Yuen for Session 1, 2, 3, in English (phone no. for registration : 416 616 3885

歡迎加入我們的導師行例! 接受培訓后可成導師会員。創作更多為己又助人的活動。

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